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When you listen to liberals, it is hard to go wrong. Just do the opposite of what they want and you are almost assured of being right.

But sometimes, out of spite, a liberal gets something right.

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu was crushed in her re-election bid by Republican Bill Cassidy. This sent the left into hysterical cries of anguish as the last Democratic senator from the Deep South was gone.

Michael Tomasky, writing in the Daily Beast wailed. He said, “With Landrieu’s departure, the Democrats will have no more senators from the Deep South, and I say good. Forget about it. Forget about the whole fetid place. Write it off. Let the GOP have it and run it and turn it into Free-Market Jesus Paradise. The Democrats don’t need it anyway.”

Mr. Tomasky has a great idea. First, let’s let the Democrats abandon the South and let the GOP have it. But the real idea is found in the middle of his frothing anger.

But Mr. Tomasky offers a brilliant idea. Let the Red States go their own way. No, this does not mean breaking up the Republic. But it does mean getting Washington out of the Red States.

Let’s turn the South into a free market paradise. Let’s let the South be free of government regulations for a few years and see what happens.

What would happen?

There was be an acceleration of the trend of anyone who can fleeing Blue States for Red States. In 2013, the Tax Foundation did a study on migration within the United States. The results were simply stunning.

The most liberal states from 2000 to 2010 hemorrhaged both people and wealth. The two most liberal states in the country, California and New York,  were the two states that showed the greatest loss.

Conservative states like Florida, Arizona and Texas showed the greatest gains.

Let’s put the Blue States and the Red States into a head-to-head competition. Let the Red States decide how little government they want and let the Blue States become the socialist utopias their politicians want.

The Red States will destroy the Blue States.

And that is the problem. Despite Mr. Tomasky’s rant. Neither he nor any other liberal wants this kind of competition. The left wants government control over everything from education to health care and what is the result?

They are all disasters.

What happens when competition is introduced? When competition is introduced, the government loses. That is why private schools are universally regarded as better than public schools, and that is why anyone who has a choice avoids government health care.

Liberals scream like spoiled children when the voters reject them. Mr. Tomasky’s rant is best described as sour grapes or as one Internet meme said, “Sour grapes make the best whine!”

Mr. Tomasky is right. The South has rejected the statism of the Democrats. The South has spoken loudly about the direction it wants the nation and the South to go in.

The Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep this from happening because they know what the result would be.

The end result would be freedom, liberty and prosperity.

Those are all things no Democrat can stand!

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