- - Friday, July 11, 2014

On Wednesday, in a move that was missed by most of the mainstream media, a group of so-called “civil lights” lawyers filed a lawsuit in Seattle. The purpose of their suit is to compel the government to assign court-appointed lawyers to every minor illegal alien so they can fight their deportation.

Left-wing groups are moving quickly to make sure those illegals stay and ensure that more come.

This lawsuit will be successful.

How is it possible to see the future? Simple. The left is using a strategy known as “sue and settle.” To put it mildly, it is nefarious.

Liberals have done this with several environmental suits, and now they are going to do this with immigration amnesty.

Providing lawyers for illegal aliens is not a popular idea. It would be dead on arrival in Congress.

But when you have liberal lawyers, who needs Congress?

In a few weeks, probably on a Friday afternoon so it can slip into the Friday afternoon news black hole, the Obama Regime is going to quietly settle this case with a consent order.

Under that order, the Regime is going to agree with the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The order, which will be signed by a federal judge will stipulate that every minor child must receive a court-appointed lawyer for their deportation hearings.

Once this consent order is signed, it will be binding on the Obama Regime, and it will be binding on the government in future administrations. In 2017 when President Allen West takes over and says, “Enough, we aren’t going to fund liberal lawyers for illegal aliens,” he won’t be able to reverse the policy.

The only way to stop it will be for Congress to pass a law that specifically overrules the consent order.

Once this program is in place, lawyers will sign up to be court-appointed attorneys for these illegals. Some will do it because they are true believers. Others will do it because times are tough for lawyers and the federal government pays well.

Every hearing will be contested. If an illegal loses, there will be round after round of appeals. Even if a removal order becomes final, there will still be round after round of what are known as “gang plank” appeals. These are last-minute appeals that do nothing more than gum up the works.

But screwing up the system is what liberal lawyers do best.

There is one way this lawsuit could be stopped now: If Congress attached a bill to a must-pass piece of legislation that denies federal courts the jurisdiction to hear that lawsuit. That is a power that Congress has but never uses.

America is under assault. Barack Obama and the hard left want to erase the southern border. That way, instead of exporting American values and prosperity to other nations, we will be importing poverty.

These left-wing lawyers are gaming the system to bring the American system down.

Perhaps Shakespeare was right about lawyers — at least the radical left wing lawyers.

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