- The Washington Times - Sunday, July 13, 2014

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. unloaded on Sarah Palin on Sunday, saying the former Alaska governor was a poor choice to be her party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008 and has no right to call for President Obama’s impeachment.

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week” program, Mr. Holder also criticized House Republicans’ plan to sue Mr. Obama for executive overreach. On Friday, the GOP released a a draft of a bill authorizing the speaker to sue the president for his decision to exempt businesses from the controversial employer mandate in Obamacare.

The attorney general, echoing Mr. Obama’s words over the weekend, said the move primarily is a “political gesture” rather than a serious legal challenge.

But Mr. Holder reserved his harshest words for Ms. Palin, who recently called for the impeachment of the president.

“She wasn’t a particularly good vice presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why,” Mr. Holder said.



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