- - Friday, July 25, 2014


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. The presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, whose governments have for years run criminal enterprises to profit from illegal human trafficking, are actually accusing the Obama administration of being a willing partner in this enterprise (“Central American leaders blame U.S. for border crisis,” Web, July 25). Is there no honor among thieves?

Of course, who else would these guys go to but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to push amnesty for their own citizens so they will have no further obligation to provide a normal life for those people? These politicians still can’t see the forest for the trees. Meanwhile, Mrs. Pelosi is likely flushed by the possibility that these two banana-republic officials appreciate her ideas.

Stepping down in level of importance, the presidents meet next with the apologist-in-chief. This whole dismal display is nothing more than a group of co-conspirators gathering so they can be seen as looking for a solution to a problem willfully caused by the participants.

Be clear on this: These people are not looking to mend a “broken” immigration system, for the only system that is broken is south of the Rio Grande. The United States system is clear and organized and functions exactly the way it should. In my opinion, these members of the Hispanic mafia are looking for nothing less than free amnesty for their citizens so they can line their own pockets.

Several years ago, we were informed of “promises” made to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia. We have seen the fruits of those promises. We now see what promises have been made to a bunch of Latin American despots. You reap what you sow.





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