- - Monday, July 28, 2014


Turmoil is everywhere while our president remains detached and spends the majority of his time fundraising for the Democratic Party. President Obama is quick to use his pen and phone to promote liberal agenda issues such as climate change, homosexual rights and the fantasized “war on women,” but he seems to be short on ink and phone minutes when real crises arise.

Instead of blaming Republicans for not acting, there are several phone-and-pen actions the president could try. To stop Russian aggression, he could ask all U.S. banks to discontinue transactions with Russia, suspend all Russian visas to the United States, waive all restrictions for export of liquefied natural gas to Europe, announce a plan to put missiles back in Poland and provide arms and intelligence support to Ukraine.

To restrain the Islamic State and other Islamist extremists, he could condemn the persecution of Jews and Christians in the Middle East and Africa, and announce an all-out drone assault on terrorist leaders and their military installations.

He could call the Mexican president and demand Mexico close its southern border or suffer the consequences of a trade suspension.

He could by executive order allow veterans to seek private medical care while he and Congress resolve the Veterans Administration crises.

He could take a step toward restoring public confidence in government by ordering the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to sort out the IRS scandal.

It would be refreshing if Mr. Obama made all of his bogies on the golf course and started to make some pars in foreign and domestic policy.


Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.



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