- - Sunday, July 6, 2014

Murrieta, California is ground zero in America’s war against illegal aliens who are swarming our border.

The Obama regime is not stopping the illegals. They are in fact doing everything they can to facilitate the entry of illegals into this nation.

In California, and a lot of other places, real Americans have had enough. Recently in Murrieta, buses filled with illegal aliens were stopped by American protestors. On the other side were illegal alien supporters who burned an American flag and shouted racist obscenities at the real Americans standing for their country.

Now there are reports that the federal government is going to try and run buses of illegal aliens to Murrieta again, to the federal processing center. That is the stop before they are released into America. This time, instead of listening to the people and backing off, according to media reports the Feds are coming in loaded for bear.

According to media reports, the Obama regime is going to deploy riot squads to make sure those buses get through.

The Regime cannot close off the border but it is going to use riot police to attack real Americans!

This is simply beyond belief. Illegal aliens are just that, illegal. Yet the Obama Regime is going to use force to allow an invasion of the United States by illegal aliens.

This is only the leading wave of illegal aliens coming to America. As word is getting back to Mexico and Central America, more are coming. With 70 percent of the border patrol now being designated for what is essentially day care duty, the number of illegal aliens as well as criminals slipping through the southern border cannot be estimated.

It is time for real Americans to stand up.

Federal riot squad officers should refuse orders to march against American citizens. American citizens should stand up and block the buses carrying illegal aliens.

Why is it so crucial that Americans stand up now?

The Department of Homeland Security will not even say if these illegal aliens will ever be deported. In fact, the Obama regime is trying to disperse these illegal aliens into the nation so that it will be impossible to deport them.

If the Obama regime is successful in flooding America with illegal aliens, it will be the fundamental transformation that President Obama promised. It will be a transformation of America from a first world nation to a third world nation.

This unrestrained flood will bankrupt and destroy social services. Hospitals and schools near the border are already being bankrupted.

Republicans should make this the issue of 2014. This is an issue that crosses lines. Union workers are worried that low wage illegal immigrants will take their jobs. Conservatives oppose illegal immigration and amnesty because conservatives know what it will do to this nation.

Dave Brat, the upstart candidate in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, beat sitting House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with the amnesty issue.

Every Republican from the top on down should be demanding immediate deportation. And for once, Republicans should do more than demand.

Republicans should bring the process of government to a halt until the Obama Regime deports the illegal aliens and secures the border.

There is an old political truism. When politicians feel the heat, they will see the light. It is up to real Americans to put the heat on Washington and make that heat unbearable.

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