- - Monday, July 7, 2014


Shock, horror — ISIS declares a caliphate. How times have changed (“Islamic state ‘caliph’ calls on all Muslims to ‘obey’ him during Ramadan prayer service,” Web, July 5).

Take the Bosnian Muslim Alija Izetbegovic, the West’s favorite leader during the Yugoslav wars. Izetbegovic authored “The Islamic Declaration” in 1970. It earned him a prison sentence. In the book Izetbegovic yearned for a caliphate subject to Islamic law from Morocco to Indonesia, and ultimately elsewhere whenever and wherever Muslims attained a majority. At no time subsequently did he disown the publication.

No wonder Bosnia’s Serbs and Croats resisted Izetbegovic when he sought to establish (with Western help) a centrally governed Bosnia, where Muslims would in the near future gain an absolute electoral majority because of their higher birthrate. An added irony is that if Izetbegovic were alive today, he would not be granted entry into the United States.


Dorset, England



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