- - Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neill once opined: “All politics is local.”

He was right.

As we watch our southern border erased by a president whose sole goal is to diminish and destroy the greatest and freest nation the world has ever seen, it is time to remember the wisdom of Tip O’Neill.

Washington is ignoring the people. Barack Obama and the Party of Treason want to flood the United States with illegal aliens, and hopefully force amnesty whether Americans want it or not.

Obama and the Democrats hope this flood of 30 million to 50 million illegal aliens will eventually create a permanent Democratic majority in government. But more than that, they want to fulfill Barack Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America.

They want to transform America from a constitutional republic to a socialist state.

Most Americans would prefer freedom and liberty over socialist tyranny.

Washington is ignoring us.

It is time to go local. It is time for America’s cities, counties and states to act.

Americans need to contact their governors, their state senators, state representatives, local city councils, mayors, sheriffs and other politicians and demand they physically stop the federal government from bringing and dispersing illegal aliens into the communities.

Governors like Rick Perry in Texas and Jan Brewer in Arizona need to call out the National Guard to secure the border. They need to have law enforcement in expel the illegal aliens.

This is not simply a political issue. This is an issue of national security, criminal justice and public health.

We do not know who is coming over our border. It defies logic at this point not to think that terrorists have used the border crossing to come into America. Every day, newspapers have stories about illegal aliens committing crimes in America.

Milton Mateo Garcia was arrested in Philadelphia, ironically after its left-wing mayor declared the city a sanctuary city and said the city would no longer cooperate with federal immigration officials. He had been previously deported to Honduras. This time he attacked and raped a 26-year-old Philadelphia doctor.

Day after day, real Americans are victimized by the illegal aliens the Obama Regime has inflicted upon us.

The greatest threat is yet to come. The Regime is releasing these illegal aliens into American society, and many of them are carrying infectious diseases. Some of these diseases, like tuberculosis, are life threatening — and the strain coming from Central America is drug resistant.

How many Americans will die because of Obama’s desire to diminish and destroy America?

The American Revolution began in Lexington and Concord Green. It is time for Americans to demand their local governments stand up to a tyrannical and abusive federal government.

Contrary to what Barack Obama thinks, in America, the government is the servant of the people, not the master.

The Constitution was established to keep the power of government at bay. The Declaration of Independence reminds us what we must do if a government because abusive of the people.

It is time real Americans reminded our government that it is established with the consent of the governed and we do not consent to an invasion.

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