- - Sunday, June 1, 2014

There are a lot of things you can say about Harry Reid, but it is hard to accuse him of being afraid of a fight. Reid was once a boxer, and he understands you hit your opponents hard.

He is “Harry the knife.”

The Republicans are the merry band of bakers, bringing cupcakes to a knife fight.

Democrats in the Senate have proposed a constitutional amendment that will allow them to regulate free speech. Specifically, they want to regulate contributions that can be made to social welfare organizations. The Democrats at one point had a massive advantage in the use of these so-called 501c4 organizations. Then the Supreme Court handed down the Citizens United case.

Citizens United saved the First Amendment for all Americans, and left-wing Democrats don’t like that.

So they decided to make war on the Koch brothers. They are some of the real American businessmen who have created American jobs, American products people want and a great deal of wealth. In what may be the greatest offense to the Democrats, the Koch brothers support liberty and use their wealth to advance the cause of liberty.

For the last several weeks, Harry Reid has led the Democrats in a war against conservative donors. If you listened to Harry Reid, you would think Charles and David Koch are public enemy No. 1. He almost makes them sound like they are worse than Osama bin Laden, despite the fact that they employ tens of thousands of Americans with good paying middle-income jobs.

But like the sleazy Senator Geary from “The Godfather, Part II,” Reid’s distain for conservative, pro-free market donors does not apply to liberal anti-American economic growth donors like George Soros and Tom Steyer. For them, Reid is full Senator Geary selling his soul and the Senate floor for multimillion dollar checks. What a hypocrite.

Joe Carr, a Tennessee Republican running for the U.S. Senate, said: “The attack by Harry Reid and the Democrats on the Koch brothers is another fine example of failed leadership. President Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats have lead this country into the abyss of an economy now showing zero growth, a foreign policy that doesn’t exist and ever-increasing expansion of the federal government. The answer to their failed leadership is to attack the Constitution for the sole purpose of drawing attention away from their own failures.”

The Democrats know an opportunity to distract the American public from their dismal record on Obamacare, handling of the economy, the VA scandal and foreign policy failures galore is their only hope of winning in November. They have decided this is a good fight for them to have as long as they only attack the First Amendment rights of conservative, free-market individuals. You see, they will not target the free speech of any of their big donors. In Harry Reid’s America, only those who agree with his philosophy of killing American opportunity and exceptionalism get the mic; others get the back of his hand.

Republicans are generally the beneficiaries of the causes the Koch brothers’ support. It is Republicans who support liberty at least some of the time and Democrats who support tyranny all the time.

The Democrats are very good at protecting their donors. No one is demonizing Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire who has offered Democrats $100 million this year if they will kill the Keystone Pipeline. Why not ask him under oath what type of deal he cut with Majority Leader Reid to own the Senate floor for a day?

Why aren’t the Republicans fighting back? The Republicans are notorious for not fighting for anything. The left demonizes two American success stories and not a peep from the GOP.

If the Democrats want a constitutional amendment that will gut the First Amendment, then the House must have a hearing on it.

Bring it on!

Can we have some gutsy congressmen who will sit on that committee for the GOP? How about subpoenaing Tom Steyer to talk about his contributions? How about subpoenaing in AFSCME and SEIU? Not only should they be required to testify, why not subpoena their records?

Two can play this game.

If the Democrats want to make war on conservative donors, the Republicans, who control the House, should return the favor!

During the Cold War, America and the Soviet Union lived under the specter of mutually assured destruction. That is why neither side attacked the other. The GOP needs to stand up for conservatives and needs to make sure the Democrats know the next time they go after conservatives, the Republicans will go after liberals.

The days of bringing a cupcake to a knife fight must end.

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