- - Monday, June 2, 2014

“What did the president know and when did he know it?”

No, this isn’t a flashback to Watergate. This is a question that we must ask all too often of the Obama regime.

Now it must be asked again in what may be one of the worst acts against America by Barack Obama.

Over the past weekend, Barack Obama ordered the release of five terrorist detainees held at Guantanamo. The men ordered released by Mr. Obama were no garden variety terrorists. These could be the five most dangerous terrorists the United States held and they were the ones the Taliban were bound and determined to get back.

The week before the Taliban released Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Mr. Obama flew to Afghanistan on a mission so secret Afghan President Hamid Karzai was only told about it at the last minute and refused to meet with Obama.

One of the Taliban’s demands had been that Mr. Karzai’s government not be involved in the negotiations to free Sgt. Bergdahl. Perhaps Mr. Karzai was informed of what was transpiring and he refused to meet with Obama for that reason.

Sgt. Bergdahl’s disappearance and capture have raised a lot of questions. Many of the soldiers who served with him say that Sgt. Bergdahl wasn’t simply captured. They say that Sgt. Bergdahl deserted his unit.

The fact that Sgt. Bergdahl deserted his unit in time of conflict and surrendered himself to the Taliban was bad enough. In 2010, the Daily Mail in the U.K. reported that Sgt. Bergdahl was actively helping the Taliban by teaching them bomb making skills and ambush skills.

Immediately after he disappeared, the United States Army put its search for Sgt. Bergdahl into high gear.

Six soldiers died in that search from attacks by the Taliban.

Now, Fox News reports that the Intelligence communities in the United States have major classified files talking about what Sgt. Bergdahl did before his disappearance and the very real possibility that he collaborated with the Taliban.

It is an article of faith America has with its military personnel that we never leave a man behind. No matter how long it takes, we find them.

We do that for our men and women in uniform, but what about deserters and traitors?

If the allegations against Sgt. Bergdahl are true, he is a deserter and a traitor.

So why would the Obama regime give away the crown jewels in the war against the Taliban for a soldier who was probably a deserter and a collaborator?

There is one inescapable conclusion. Mr. Obama is helping the other side.

What did he know and when did he know it?

How much was he aware of the intelligence and accusations against Sgt. Bergdahl? If he was aware of it and still chose to let the five most dangerous terrorists held at Guantanamo go, then there is no question that he should be impeached.

The Obama regime will investigate any charges against Sgt. Bergdahl with the same enthusiasm with which they investigated the IRS targeting of the Tea Party movement.

That’s to say, nothing will happen.

It is up to the Republicans in Congress. This is a scandal that is perhaps worse than Benghazi.

Those terrorists Mr. Obama released will return to Jihad and the only question now is how many Americans will die?



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