- - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I’m proud to be an American. I have always been patriotic and loved my nation’s history. The 1976 Bicentennial was one of my favorite years. Everyone was patriotic. The red, white, and blue was seen everywhere. We were ALL proud to be Americans!

Now it’s less and less exceptional to be a citizen of the USA. Growing up, it seemed like we were in the best, most exclusive club in the world. Saying “We are Americans!” meant something. But today it means “Move over, Buster, and open up your wallet.”

Politicians care only about themselves and the votes they need, so they are selling out our country and our exceptionalism to the biggest potential voting blocs. Yes, when we don’t check ID at voting booths and we repeal voting restrictions, illegals vote and we all know it!

We are more concerned today with hurting someone’s feelings than we are about hurting our country and our children.

This administration and far too many people in the Democratic Party are too busy feeling embarrassed about the former greatness of our nation. You know what? Feelings are just that … FEELINGS. Get yourself under control, and if you can’t manage it on your own, go see a shrink! I’m sick of paying for you to feel good about yourself!

Guatemalan President Otto Fernando Perez Molina asked the U.S. to start a temporary work program for migrants and grant “temporary protected status” for migrants and gives some protections against deportation. The answer should be “HELL NO! Fix your own damn problems. We are not here to be your Sugar Daddy and take care of YOUR problems. Fix your schools, fix your economy, and quit selling out to the ultra rich and the cartels in your country.”

And have you noticed — the more we help these countries the less they respect us. They should be saying, “Thank you, America, for sending us millions of dollars while you’re wrestling with a crappy economy!” But no, it’s “Give us your dirty American money and let us see how we can rip you off more.”

Me? I’m done with them all!

Everything great and exceptional about being an American citizen is on the table to be taken away. Today, citizenship means you get to have really high taxes, wait in line behind illegal immigrants at the hospital, watch the crime rate skyrocket in your city, and send your kids to a public school that’s been dumbed down so that some other kids who jumped the line at the Rio Grande won’t have their feelings hurt if they can’t keep up. This is true insanity. I’m having trouble thinking of what a citizen of the USA has access to that a non-citizen can’t have.

I’m sure some suggestions will appear in the comments section: “Non-citizens can’t get welfare, or Social Security, et cetera, because we only give that to citizens.” Don’t even try to throw that one at me, Sparky! The government bureaucracies are far more forgiving to the parents of “anchor babies” than they are to native-born or legally immigrated citizens of the good ol’ U.S. of A.

First thing that must be done, in order to receive citizenship, ANY baby born in the USA must have ONE PARENT that is a legal citizen at the time of birth, PERIOD!

This isn’t a game! Why are we committing economic suicide? Politicians, pull your heads out and take a look around! This huge influx of illegals is coming because of YOU! You lazy, narcissistic idiots are selling us down the river because you want us to pay for your place in history. ENOUGH!

American citizenship is a gift from God, and you morons have no right to cheapen it. It should be damn hard to become a citizen of the United States. And if you come here, we have a right to demand that you help us make this a better place, and not just come here to get the goodies.

The free lunch needs to stop right now before it’s too late. We need to impose “tough love” on the rest of the world, and start treating our country with the respect she deserves.

What do you think? Am I just a big meanie or do you agree with me that enough is enough? Comment at washingtontimes.com, and until our next briefing, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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