- - Monday, June 30, 2014

When it comes to illegal immigration, American parents can learn from the example of the cowbird. The prolific brown-headed cowbird produces 60 or more eggs per breeding season, but does not build its own nest. Instead, it watches as a songbird builds its nest and lays its three to five eggs. Then, when the nest is unattended, the cowbird pushes one of the host’s eggs out of the nest, replacing it with its own.

Often it chooses nests of smaller birds, such as sparrows. Having a shorter incubation period, the cowbird young hatch first. Sparrow hatchlings usually don’t survive because the cowbird chick is much larger and more demanding. The cowbird chick outcompetes the sparrow chicks for food and space within the nest.

So if you ever see a small parent bird feeding a larger chick, don’t think that it has compassion for a helpless orphan. Instead, realize that the parent was fooled into sacrificing its own young in order to raise the invading chick.

To stop the cowbirding of America, illegal-immigrant children and their parents must return to their native countries and build their own nests.


Valparaiso, Ind.

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