- - Monday, June 30, 2014

Silence gives consent.

It is an old proverb that means if someone does not speak up about a wrong, they give their consent to that wrong.

The silence from the Republican National Committee is deafening. For the last week, the echoes of the primary battle in Mississippi have reverberated.

Last week, the Haley Barbour political machine fighting on behalf of Sen. Thad Cochran made war on the conservative base of the Republican Party. They hired Democrats to get out Democrats to vote in the Republican Party. They used advertising that referred to tea party activists as “racists.”

They passed out “walking around money” to get out the vote.

In short, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate was chosen by Democrats.

But as they say on late night TV, “just wait, this gets worse.”

Chris McDaniel, the tea party candidate who lost the runoff last week is challenging the vote. In at least nine Mississippi counties, McDaniel supporters are being denied the right to look at the voting rolls to see if Democrats illegally voted in the Republican runoff.

So far, the campaign has found at least 1,000 Democrats who voted fraudulently in the Republican runoff. If McDaniel could show at least 6,500 Democrats who voted fraudulently in the Republican election, he could conceivably overturn the result.

With this in mind, some of Cochran’s supporters are working to run out the clock and deny McDaniel supporters access to the voting rolls to prove their case. They have until the governor certifies the election, which could come Monday.

The whole Mississippi affair stinks to high heaven.

While a couple of Republicans have spoken on background to the media, saying they were “disturbed” by the vicious attack on the conservative base by Cochran and Haley Barbour, none has done anything about it.

Not a single Republican leader has called for an inquiry. The Republican National Committee has not done anything.

The message is clear: Establishment Republicans are free to do anything they want as long as they can defeat their Tea Party challengers.

Silence gives consent.

The conservative base is enraged. The RNC had better pray that rage stays confined to Mississippi.

Cochran is going to get zero conservative votes in the fall election. There may be enough establishment Republicans in Mississippi to outnumber the Democrats. That is, if the tea party stays home.

Some members of the tea party are saying they will sit this one out. Others are saying they are going to return the favor and vote for Travis Childers, the Democrat in the fall election.

Childers is somewhat conservative for a Democrat. Yes, that is a relative concept, since the leadership of the Party of Treason is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx. He has a career score from Freedomworks of 49, while Cochran has a score of 58.

If the tea party votes for Childers over Cochran, a message will be sent. The GOP will be told a candidate cannot act like a Democrat. The message will be sent that the conservatives are not going to allow Democrats to pick the Republican nominee.

If Cochran is defeated, it could cost the Republican Party its chance for the majority in the Senate. If it does, it is the GOP’s fault.

The RNC could have intervened to stop this lunacy. It did not.

Silence gives consent.

And that silence now speaks volumes.

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