- - Friday, March 21, 2014


With Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move in Crimea and the Malaysia Airlines disappearance dominating the world stage, many other issues that might need to be up front will remain on the back burner.

At present, there is a sort of chess game being played on the world stage. Mr. Putin will not pull out of Crimea. He has made a calculated decision that the move is his moment, and it is in the world’s hands to make him pay for such a moment. When and if the Boeing 777 is found, perhaps at the bottom of the ocean, Malaysia Airlines will find itself in an unfortunate position with which many Americans can identify, having gone through Sept. 11, 2001.

In spite of the attention Mr. Putin and the lost airliner are getting, it is my belief that one of the issues on the back burner will come off with a lion’s roar as the midterm elections near. The coming clash between the Tea Party and the Republicans will be an epic battle that will transform a divided party.


West Barnstable, Mass.



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