- The Washington Times - Monday, March 24, 2014

Conservative big-whig and tea party favorite Glenn Beck delivered remarks at the Summer Retreat for David Horowitz’s Freedom Center before a crowd of hundreds, warning listeners that progressives aren’t simply liberals with a louder voice.

They’re much redder than that, he said.

“Progressives are nothing more than patient communists,” he said, The Blaze reported.

And he highlighted his statement with graphic displays: A signed order from Auschwitz’s Dr. Josef Mengele for a barrel of the chemical that was used to kill children in the concentration camps, as well as a fake passport from Raoul Wallenberg as he fought to keep Hungarian Jews from being sent to the death camps.

Mr. Beck said he hoped his hourlong speech would “inspire people to learn who they are and to stand as an example for others,” and that he had deep concerns about the state of America and what he described as a sharp turn from Founding Father ideals.



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