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America is bleeding to death slowly at the hands of President Obama and the current administration. The evidence is overwhelming as Mr. Obama, almost as though programmed to do so, disenfranchises America of its assets, strengths and liberties. His behavior has left a leadership vacuum in the world.

The giving away of the Internet, which was developed by the innovative talents of Silicon Valley and paid for by American taxpayers, is a prime example of this bizarre and self-emasculating behavior of Mr. Obama. Also, the cuts in U.S. military investments and troop strength at a time of increasing threats across the globe is another example of the serious and dangerous self-inflicted bleeding of American strength.

Mr. Obama’s highly limited and superficial concept of America’s global role can be seen clearly in the current Ukrainian crisis, in which Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed (at gunpoint) the Crimean Peninsula to Russia — with only weak sanctions being offered by Mr. Obama. This weak message only encourages Mr. Putin to move forward with even more aggression in the near future, quite possibly against a NATO nation.

In that case the United States would be obligated to defend any nation that comes under attack. Weakness and appeasement only breed contempt. They will likely lead to more bullying by Mr. Putin and eventually a military confrontation.

At the Group of Seven talks in Brussels, Mr. Obama admitted that his greatest fear was a nuclear weapon detonating in Manhattan. This came after his misleading conclusions and assurances that terrorism was no longer a threat, that al Qaeda was on the run and that the pre-Sept. 11, 2011, environment was a thing of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Obama’s perceptions and world vision are distorted. His judgments are misplaced and wrong, reflecting his hopes, not reality. This places all Americans in extreme danger.


North Las Vegas, Nev.

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