- - Friday, March 28, 2014


To date, the hypocrites in the liberal mainstream media have remained silent about “blue state” racism. Were such racism happening in even one Southern state, the mainstream media would be running the presses so fast, smoke and flames would be coming off the machinery.

However, since this institutional racism is continuing in the 21st century in the school systems of “liberal,” Northern states, the mainstream-media silence is deafening. The only conclusion left to draw from this is that the media either agree with this racism, or it has double standards for the two sections of America, North and South.

If I were a Republican politician running for office, I would use this racial injustice against my Democratic opponents. The mainstream press is as complicit in this as the Democratic politicians in those states because it says nothing, enabling “liberal” states to continue their racial discrimination.

Both liberal politicians and the mainstream press are hypocrites and liars when it comes to equality for blacks in all 50 states.


Ashville, Ala.



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