- - Friday, May 2, 2014


The Berlin Airlift — the Luftbrocke or “Airbridge” to the Germans — epitomized my America and made me proud (“Berlin Airlift: When American power was unstoppable,” Web, April 29). Some of the German children photographed watching a “candy bomber” from the Tempelhof fence probably helped raise the monument to the American air bridge that now stands at the Tempelhof entrance.

I wonder how those children, now seniors if they are still living, regard today’s America. With President Obama’s botched handling of Vladimir Putin and Russia, and the latest Benghazi news on the front page, it’s clear that the only promise kept by this president has been “fundamental change.” His governance of this change leaves me sad and ashamed.

Thank you, Thomas V. DiBacco and The Washington Times, for your sensible, thoughtful reporting and analysis. You are almost alone and sorely needed.


Potomac Falls



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