- - Sunday, May 25, 2014

On Friday, Elliot Rodger murdered Chris Martinez.

Martinez was a visitor in a deli when Rodger walked in, as a part of his murderous rampage, and shot Martinez.

Martinez’s father, Richard Martinez, went to the media a day after his son’s death. A sane person would expect the father of a murdered child to blame the person who murdered his child.

But Richard Martinez is a California liberal.

Instead, he blamed the NRA.

Martinez said, “Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris‘ right to live?”

As he goes out to speak to the media about the loss of his son, all Richard Martinez wants to do is score political points.

Of course, Mr. Martinez is living in a fact-free world.

Mr. Martinez did not talk about the facts of what happened because that would interfere with his narrative and his screed against the NRA and the Second Amendment.

On Friday, Rodger killed six people. Three of them, including Chris Martinez, were shot to death. Three others were stabbed to death. Several others were injured, including two bicyclists that Rodger ran down with his car.

The facts are obvious. Rodger was going to kill people and the fact that he had a gun was irrelevant. If he did not have a gun, he would have used other tools at his disposal to kill.

Mr. Martinez conveniently forgets that California has among the most draconian gun control laws in America. Citizens have had to sue repeatedly to try to receive concealed carry permits and in spite of litigation, California authorities make it as hard as possible to obtain a gun permit. And the University of California campuses are all gun free zones.

Had this happened in Texas, the result probably would have been different. In Texas, where the Second Amendment is respected, citizens are armed and probably would have returned fire against Rodger almost immediately.

If Mr. Martinez wants to blame someone perhaps he should look at Rodger and his background. Like so many of these other shooters, Rodger spent endless hours on violent video games. There are conflicting reports whether Rodger was on anti-psychotic drugs, but most of the other shooters in mass murder shootings were on those drugs. Perhaps Mr. Martinez should blame those drug companies.

Rodger’s actions Friday night followed a perfectly predictable scenario. A mentally disturbed young man took guns and went to a gun free zone where he unleashed his carnage. In Rodger’s case, he used a knife and his car to create mayhem and casualties.

Then when the police finally closed in, he committed suicide.

Richard Martinez wants the sympathy of Americans and at the same time, he wants to make a political broadside against the Constitutional Right that tens of millions of Americans exercise on a daily basis.

He doesn’t get it both ways.

If he wants to make his grief political theater to benefit those who want to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights, then he gets treated just like any other gun-grabbing shill.

Don’t hide behind the death of your son when you try to take America’s freedom.

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