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A while back, I did a video commentary on the “Cosmos” TV series. The ratings haven’t been great, but I think the series is wonderfully produced and well thought out. The host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, does a good job filling the shoes left by Carl Sagan.

My issue with the series was its negative portrayal of the church, religion, and God when it comes to the topic of the creation of the Universe.

My point wasn’t to start a war but to say that to ignore the POSSIBLITY of God’s hand in the creation of the Universe was clearly close-minded. To say that the idea of God is false and “settled science” is unsettling to billions of people around the world who believe in the Almighty.

Apparently, my suggestion wasn’t good enough, because a guy who tried to come off as a science guru and champion of logic soundly attacked me.

I had never heard of him so I did a little research and found he’s not just some Don Quixote type, seeking to right an unrightable wrong. According to his bio, he’s a special correspondent for American Atheists and the author of “A new book on secular parenting and why religion is child abuse.” You might say the guy has an agenda.

Like most liberal/atheist/evolutionists, his arguments were predictably sanctimonious and his comments were snide and childish.

Since Darwin, mankind has discovered a vast amount of knowledge about our universe including DNA. Why, after discovering the most complicated code ever found, would you still cling to the belief that is was all just a big accident, without a question as to whether there may be something out there bigger than us?

Another fun theory atheists push in our schools is:

The Infinite Monkey Theorem that states,

A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

I think after 20-plus years of the Internet we’ve pretty much proven that theory false.

My frustration is the author of the column, and those who support him, still cling to their religion, while ridiculing mine. Make no mistake, his is a religion and I will fight for his right to believe in it.

But with the left, it’s a one-way street; everyone must bow to their beliefs and then we must give up our beliefs or face ridicule, and many cases persecution or unemployment.

You don’t have to be a Christian or a Jew, nor believe in God. You can believe in what ever you want, as long as those beliefs don’t hurt someone else. Right now however, the beliefs coming from the left do hurt others because they attack my right to freedom of thought. What happened to the Classical Liberalism practiced by the heroes of the left like John Kennedy? Why in 2014 does every disagreement turn into a war of words, complete with over-the-top insults and profanity? This is America folks and it shouldn’t be that way!!

Isn’t it possible that some scientists grasp at far-fetched straws, like evolution and the Big Bang, simply because God is the only reasonable alternative? The atheist author vehemently disagreed, but then ended his rant by confirming my assertion.

He wrote, “Actually, defaulting to God would be the last scientific alternative. After all, if evolution is ever disproven, God and creationism would not come out on top. Scientists would look elsewhere for new evidence to explain the origins and diversity of life on this planet.”

EXACTLY! With God as the only alternative, the close-minded, anti-God scientists do everything they can to avoid Him. They will fabricate any scenario, create any fact, jump any shark, no matter how silly, just to be a member of the Cool Kids Club with Darwin, Dawkins … and now Tyson. (Not Mike, Neil deGrasse)

Our founding fathers were wise enough to acknowledge we are one nation under God, with inalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Our nation was built and became great on these principles. If we allow those foundations to erode away, the whole house will surely fall.

Looking around at today’s world, it appears we are losing those rights at nearly the same rate we’re forgetting God.

But then again … maybe it’s all just a big coincidence.

Respectful debate is healthy and disagreements are OK. But let’s be civil, anger and hostility over ideas serve no purpose in furthering debate.

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