- - Friday, May 30, 2014


I am very pro-life, but I agree with Dr. Ben S. Carson on voting practically rather than on principle (“Why the greater good sometimes necessitates compromise,” Web, May 27).

No candidate is perfect, and sometimes we have to vote for the best of the candidates or the lesser of the evils. If Republicans don’t vote or waste their votes on a candidate who doesn’t stand a chance, they allow the Democrats to win elections. This often happens with Republicans when a favorite candidate loses in the primary. It doesn’t happen with Democrats. (See Barack Obama’s 2008 win after Hillary Clinton’s failure to win the Democratic nomination.)

At election time, we are in a similar situation to that of Jesus when He was on earth. Just as we have to choose candidates to be our leaders, He had to choose people who would lead the church after He returned to heaven. Since He is the only perfect person who ever lived, He had to choose apostles who weren’t perfect. Was impulsive Peter, doubting Thomas, betrayer Judas, etc., perfect?

The question is, do you want a Republican majority with a couple of pro-choicers in the Senate or Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, to continue as the leader?


Waldorf, Md.



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