- - Monday, May 5, 2014

The Obama shell game is becoming a national embarrassment that will politically ‘hang’ this president and his band of political misfits (“Nearly half of all states hit Obamacare enrollment goals: analysis,” Web, May 2).

The Pelosis, Reids and Schumers are going down in flames. The Obamacare website, which two IT undergrads could have designed around their kitchen table, continues to cost Americans billions because of cronyism, nepotism and plain old ineptitude.

The Democrats complain that the GOP has come up with different data swirling around Obamacare. The problem is that the Obama administration has never once presented verifiable data to prove a single point that this health care boondoggle has been remotely successful.

Only when the public relations deadline approached did the randomly set target number miraculously appear on the front page. There has still not been a single validation. More and more states continue to drop Obamacare like a hot rock.

America has every reason to consider the GOP claim of a 33 percent nonpayment rate, especially when President Obama cannot prove a single fact of his signature legacy policy. The nonpayment rate might be greater. How many multiple applications did the system accept? How many illegal aliens with bogus Social Security numbers are included in the total? How many Obama-philes were encouraged to sign up knowing they were never going to pay?

From Day One of this administration the marching orders have been based on deception, lies, false information and subterfuge. Supported by a Marxist media, Mr. Obama and his hangers-on have led this country down a rocky path to a programmed destruction.



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