- - Thursday, May 8, 2014


Although the Senate supports giving the Congressional Gold Medal to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, the House remains undecided on the issue. For those who greatly appreciate the remarkable efforts of our World War II veterans, the opportunity to acknowledge these veterans is rapidly dwindling.

A fifth surviving Raider has already passed away at the age of 96, since the Senate bill was introduced. The four remaining members exceed 90 years of age, and two are in poor health. Those who are able have plans to attend Memorial Day events in Washington. What more appropriate occasion to honor the service and sacrifice of 80 who volunteered, at a pivotal point in our military history, for the U.S. response to Pearl Harbor?

Realizing the wheels of Congress move slowly, one can only hope this well-deserved tribute occurs while these veterans are still living. We cannot continue to fail to recognize the tremendous contribution of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.





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