- - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Within moments after it was announced that President Barack “I’ll give away everything before I go” Obama will lay out details of his executive order amnesty plan in Las Vegas on Friday, CNBC’s Jim Kramer said this about giving amnesty to immigration scofflaws: “This is about housing and a return to growth.”

A return to growth? Are you insane, or paid off? (There’s a guy I won’t be taking stock tips from.) This may be good for growth of slumlords and those who take advantage of the poor and weak. But this most certainly will not bring growth for the average middle class American who will be paying the bill.

Americans aren’t worried about highly skilled, highly educated people respectfully and excitedly immigrating to our country. We welcome and encourage them. Please come to America like my forefathers did, and help us with the mess we have gotten into.

What the American people overwhelmingly are rightfully worried about are the low-skilled, low-educated immigrant who comes to our country, taking jobs that Americans will do and others who immigrate because they have been told they’ll get something for just showing up. Let’s also include the waves of dangerous drug dealers and violent criminals who have neither loyalty nor respect for our great nation or our laws.

Free food, clothing, education, voting rights and an increasingly blind government eye toward lawbreaking by the illegal immigrant class is a sweet deal, and millions upon millions more people will be more than happy to exploit us. The truth is, if you learn how to work the American system, U.S. taxpayers can be milked for a lot of money.

It’s true that many illegal immigrants are good people and very hard working. Also, there are terrible, heart-wrenching stories of perilous border crossing, and troubled lives in squalid home countries, that can be brought up every day. We are not heartless, we do care, but we can no longer afford this madness.

On Fox News Sunday, elitist columnist George Will, who was debating talk radio goddess Laura Ingraham said, “The welfare state needs its workforce replenished. As the elderly retire, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day become eligible for Social Security and Medicare.”

He’s right, when we as a nation have aborted more than 55.7 million now-nonexistent taxpayers since Roe v. Wade in 1973, and we are ending up shorthanded and shortchanged. The problem is the elites believe if they import more people their precious big government-welfare state will be saved — along with their cushy, high-paying jobs.

But there’s another part of this story that nobody is willing to talk about and I’m sure to infuriate and offend. Unlike their parents who were a part of “The Greatest Generation,” the Baby Boomers have become “The Lousiest Generation.” Don’t get me wrong - not every Baby Boomer is bad (I’m sure you are great), but a large percentage have really been putting the “suck” in “succeed.”

This generation has sucked God out of our schools, babies out of the womb, morality out the window and our money down the drain. Now the Boomers are going to “suck-ceed” in legalizing recreational drugs, destroying our American culture, and wiping out any hope of fixing our economy or saving our beloved middle class.

We are at a turning point in our nation. The elites in the Republican Party better grow some huevos and fast. Stop this president from fulfilling his unattainable utopian dreams. Soon he will be out of office, but we all will be living the nightmare he and his ilk have created.

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