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By the Left’s own stated reasoning (brainwashing), they are now conducting a vicious, inhuman, and despicable war on underage boys.

Real estate tycoon Terrance Patrick Bean is an Obama fundraising bundler and the co-founder of the so-called Human Rights Campaign — one of the richest and most powerful pro-homosexual organizations in the country. And he was just indicted by an Oregon grand jury for a homosexual assault on an underage boy.

The 66-year old Bean, and his 25-year-old homosexual lover Kiah Loy Lawson, allegedly sodomized a 15-year-old minor according to authorities.

If you visit Bean’s social media accounts, you find pictures of him talking to President Obama at several different events, including a ride on Air Force One. That certainly tops convicted child sex predator Jerry Sandusky’s insider access to an esteemed college football program.

There’s also photos of Bean with First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton, a serial adulterer who was accused in a nationally-televised interview back in 1999 of raping a woman named Juanita Broaddrick.

Remember, the Left said that former Congressman Todd Akin’s gaffe about “legitimate rape” during the 2012 election (which Mr. Akin repeatedly apologized for) meant all conservatives were guilty of a “war on women.” Well, Democrat Sugar Daddy Bean could very well be guilty of “actual rape,” which means according to the Left’s own logic the Left is guilty of waging a war on underage boys.

Especially when you consider Bean isn’t a lone case-study here. Back in 2012, 68-year-old Larry Brinkin, one of the pioneers of homosexual political/judicial activism, was charged with alleged possession of child pornography, when California authorities traced back to his computer photos of sex acts involving children as young as toddlers being sodomized by adult men. Brinkin plead guilty to the charges earlier this year.

It’s a shame that monsters like Bean (allegedly) and Brinkin have to impugn the integrity of the movement they represent, but what’s fair is fair.

See, to the Left if elements of the Catholic Church heinously tolerated pedophiles, that means all the multi-millennia moral traditions of the church are now called into question. Never mind the fact the Catholic Church also gave us Mother Teresa. And if Ted Haggard turns out to be a flaming hypocrite, that means all evangelicals are as well. Never mind the fact evangelicals rank near the top nationally in charitable giving.

This is the danger of the Left’s identity-based political scheme.

In order to advance its policy goals and values, the Marxists on the Left had to change the paradigm. Thus, instead of unalienable “God-given” rights endowed to individuals who are each made in the image of God, we now have “group rights” given by government — which government can giveth and government can taketh away. Instead of elections decided by where the people stand on the issues, we now have elections decided by demographics. As in which skin color, ethnicity, or gender the voters are. Not necessarily what the voters actually believe.

The Left had to usher in this divisive paradigm because Marxist concepts and values cannot legitimately advance in our constitutional republic, whose original intent was to preserve liberty. And liberty is anathema to the Marxist.

Hence, people had to be conditioned (see that as lied to) to vote against their own self interests in order to conform to the group-think. Like how the multitude of black voters who overwhelmingly supported President Obama twice are “rewarded” for their loyalty by Mr. Obama granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, who will now compete with them for jobs as well as drive down the wages of many of the jobs they already have.

However, because I’m a Christian, I am commanded to “love my neighbor as I love myself” and to bless those who curse me. Therefore, I have decided I won’t hold the Left to the same standard by which it holds others. Even though they deserve it. Nor am I going to use the random barbaric behavior of a few to paint my opponents with a broad brush, as they would do to me (and have) if the shoe were on the other foot.

Rather, I will choose to regard the content of each individual’s character, and not draw ignorant and judgmental conclusions about whole groups based solely on what they look like or who they have sex with.

I don’t have to demagogue my opponents in such an intolerant way, because the truth of American Exceptionalism is on my side.

(Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and the author of “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow.)

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