- - Saturday, November 29, 2014

There is one question the Republicans will not ask.

They should.

What is the question?

Whose side is Barack Obama on?

The left loves to scream anytime real Americans question their patriotism. As Ann Coulter has pointed out, patriotism is not something that cannot be measured or judged. It can be.

It is plainly obvious Mr. Obama is not on the side of real Americans and it is long past time that the Republicans start calling him on this.

Shortly after the election, the Republicans in Congress began working with the Democrats in Congress to resolve a bill that is known in Washington as the “Tax Extender” package. A compromise was in the works so that this bill that allows tax breaks for businesses and special interests could be completed and presented to the White House.

Mr. Obama objected to provisions the Republicans wanted that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit. The EITC is given to taxpayers whose income falls below a certain level. It is a welfare program.

But Mr. Obama had just granted illegal aliens executive amnesty and he demanded that they be allowed to take advantage of the EITC, which would cost real Americans billions of dollars. When the GOP balked at this, Mr. Obama scuttled the deal.

Mr. Obama’s priorities were illegal aliens over real Americans.

At the same time, the Pentagon announced even more terrorists would be released from the U.S. prison in Guantanamo, Cuba. These prisoners are not being released because the threat from radical Islam is over. They are not being released because they are repentant and rehabilitated.

These prisoners are simply being released because Mr. Obama cheers for the enemy and not for real Americans.

According to Sen. John McCain, 30 percent of the Guantanamo detainees released have returned to the battlefield. That should make Americans feel much better. Radical Islamists want to kill Americans and Mr. Obama wants to release some of the most dangerous ones.

The list of Mr. Obama’s actions that go against America and real Americans is almost endless. Is there a single action he has taken that can even be argued to be something to help America? Even his recent “green house gas” agreement with China is a joke. The agreement says America will destroy its economy with insane environmental regulation while China has 15 years to think about whether it will do anything.

Republicans saying anything.

In 2014, the Republican candidates for the Senate and the House for the most part ran content-free campaigns. Their motto seemed to be, “We suck less than they do!”

The GOP won thanks to a combination of good political demographics and a nation that was totally fed up with the Party of Treason. And what has the Republican Party doing since then?

Gone totally silent. Does the GOP have a plan for 2015 and 2016? If there is one, it would certainly be nice for them to tell us what it is. More importantly, Republicans are violating the first rule of politics. The first rule of politics is you define your opponent. You never let your opponent define you.

Republicans have an incredible opportunity. Most Americans are real Americans. They love their country and want to see this nation remain the greatest, freest nation on the planet.

That clearly is not Mr. Obama’s ambition for America.

So why don’t Republicans have the courage to point out that everything Mr. Obama does he does because he hates this nation?

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