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Most Americans are of one mind about the values important in raising children. Every parent, regardless of political disposition, wants his child to be responsible, well-mannered, independent and persistent.

They split, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press finds in a new survey, on the importance on the left and the right on two key values. Conservatives are most likely to put religious faith near the top of the list of what to teach children. They put “tolerance” at the bottom of the list. Liberals reverse these priorities, holding tolerance as the highest possible good and religion as of little importance.

What Pew means by “tolerance” is anyone’s guess. It’s a nebulous concept, in any event, and that’s the way liberals like it. The term enables leftists to feel superior to history and society, and they groove on adopting something rejected by tradition. A man wants to dress up like a woman and call himself Charlene? No problem. That’s tolerance.

Yet their tolerance is a one-way street. When Charlene marries Clyde, liberals are ecstatic and can’t wait to dance with both bridegrooms, but they have zero tolerance for the wedding photographers and bakers who don’t want to be part of something they regard as icky and immoral, if not worse. “Tolerance” is not tolerance when compelled by an intolerant judge and the force of government.

The left has no patience for the things that traditionalists hold dear. A few liberal atheists sued the city of Las Cruces, N.M., insisting the crosses be removed from the municipal logo, though “Las Cruces” is Spanish for “The Crosses.” There’s no room for the Ten Commandments in public, but plenty of room for the latest in blasphemous art mocking faith and morals.

The liberal sticks his fingers in his ears, stamps his feet and insists that the science of global warming is “settled.” Those who disagree are rubes, hicks and “deniers.” The Los Angeles Times won’t print a letter to the editor to question global warming because that would be “asserting a factual inaccuracy.” Edelman, America’s largest public relations firm, won’t take clients who deny “climate change.”

Liberals heckle conservative speakers to college Republican clubs and try to shout down views that question their own. Some liberals can’t even bear to say or hear the name of the Washington Redskins. One college professor in Washington, ever on the scout to get his name in the newspapers, is trying to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to ban “Redskins” from the airwaves as “indecent.”

Since most liberals can read, they ought to drop by the library to find a dictionary to look up the meaning of tolerance. They might be surprised.

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