- - Saturday, October 11, 2014

“Have you heard about the lonesome loser?

“Beaten by the queen of hearts every time

“Have you heard about the lonesome loser

“He’s a loser, but he still keeps on tryin’ “

-Little River Band, 1979

The Republican Party has a striking resemblance to the hero of the 1979 song by the Australian band “The Little River Band.”

The GOP should be poised to make a change in American politics that has not been seen in at least a generation.

Instead, Republicans are at best going to take a nominal control of the U.S. Senate and keep the status quo in the House of Representatives. At worst, they are going to blow their last, best chance to force Harry Reid out of the Senate majority leader’s position.

Smart people have their money on the GOP blowing it.

The GOP has managed so far to run a content-free campaign. The geniuses who are generally known as GOP consultants are telling Republicans “don’t be controversial.”

The only two Republicans who seem to be ignoring that advice are Scott Brown in New Hampshire’s Senate race and David Young, a candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

Mr. Brown came out as pro-abortion and Mr. Young announced his support for amnesty. The GOP cannot be bothered to support a conservative agenda but the few fools who are straying from the party line are going to the left.

That is a great way to get conservatives out to vote. Wait, the GOP doesn’t believe it needs conservatives to win.

The numbers support a massive Republican landslide this fall. There have been three major Republican landslides in the last generation. All three of those had something that is missing this year.

In 2010, the GOP latched onto the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement had a solidly conservative message. In 1994, the GOP swept into power with the Contract with America. The GOP had a conservative message that excited real Americans. In 1980, Ronald Reagan ran as an unabashed conservative. He destroyed Jimmy Carter.

Even if the GOP does manage to win a majority in the Senate this year, it quickly poised to blow everything with the lame duck session.

A week or two after the election, Congress will have to return for a lame duck session. If nothing else, another continuing resolution must be passed to keep the government funded.

The Democrats will use the lame duck as their last opportunity to reward their friends in the liberal-cronyist complex. They will try to sneak in extra spending and tax subsidies for their wealthy supporters like billionaire Warren Buffett.

If the GOP not only wins but also gets 53 seats in the new Senate, Republicans need to grow a pair and act like real Americans. Since there must be a lame duck session to keep the government operating, the lame duck should be limited to that issue alone. The GOP should reject everything else that comes from the Democratic-controlled Senate.

2014 could have been a game changer. The Republican Party unfortunately still wants conservatives to show up and vote in elections and then after that just go home and shut the hell up.

Had the GOP learned from the past, embraced conservatives and conservatism, it could be poised to break the back of the Democrats. The Democrats, or the Party of Treason as real Americans call it, could be reduced to a insignificant threat against freedom and liberty.

Barack Obama and the Party of Treason are so unpopular this year the Republicans almost can’t help but win. 2016 is a completely different story.

If the GOP wants to remain in power beyond the next Congress, it needs to learn how to fight.

The first fight should be the lame duck session.

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