- - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Today is another day that ends in “y” so we know the left is attacking liberty again.

The fact that the left loves to attack liberty is not a shock. This is what they do. What is a bigger shock is that conservatives have not learned how to deal with the radical left.

On Tuesday, the Democrats, or as they are known to most real Americans, “The Party of Treason” announced yet another attempt to get Rush Limbaugh off of the airwaves.

Mr. Limbaugh has been a radio legend for almost 30 years now. And he has been a target of the radical left for almost as long. Mr. Limbaugh has been a very effective and popular voice for conservatives. He was arguably the tea party before there was a tea party.

And for the thousandth time, the left is demanding he be silenced immediately.

It isn’t just Mr. Limbaugh they want to silence. The Democrats have tried to silence Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and conservative talk radio itself. Harry Reid spent a part of last week on the floor of the United States Senate trying to demonize two real Americans. He may despise the Koch brothers, but his real goal is to silence them and any other conservative that dares to disagree with the Party of Treason.

The problem for conservatives is that conservatives believe in the free market of ideas. They believe in letting ideas compete with each other and the best ideas win. The goal of the left is not to debate ideas. People hate their ideas.

The left knows that when real Americans are given a choice, they say no to liberalism. The only way liberals ever win a debate is when they can silence those who disagree with them.

That is why the left is so anxious to silence talk radio, conservatives and tea party activists.

That is why the favorite tactic of the left is to demonize those who dare disagree with the Democrats and call them names.

Why even debate them when you can call someone an extremist?

Brand someone a racist, sexist, homophobe or what ever trendy name the left likes to employ at the moment and then you do not have to debate the other side. After all, who gives a racist the time of day? Who takes the ideas of a racist seriously?

The left demonizes Rush Limbaugh because he doesn’t let the left fight on its terms. He fights back and is very effective.

Conservatives would rather debate than engage in a street fight with Democrats. In other words, they would rather bring a marshmallow to a gunfight.

Newt Gingrich is perhaps the best conservative debater of the last generation. Mr. Gingrich, like Mr. Limbaugh, has one simple tactic. He never lets the other side define him or the issue.

Conservatives have a choice. They can sit back and let the Democrats demonize and define them or conservatives can fight back.

If conservatives are to preserve liberty in America, they must understand that the left wants nothing less than to silence them. The left wants only one orthodoxy to be allowed. The left wants America to be a no dissent zone. The left wants free speech only for the approved party and all other speech quashed.

Conservatives better learn street fighting skills in a hurry or they will find themselves silenced by a tyrannical Democrat Party.

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