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Have you seen the nifty Islamic State propaganda video, “The End of Sykes-Picot,” on YouTube? It’s quite a production, I must admit. I am sure the recruits are pouring in after that one, and of course there’s the in-your-face insults to President Obama at the end of the video, which probably sums up the general attitude of the unwashed masses in the Middle East.

The last time things were sort of under control in the Middle East was during the Ottoman Empire, but Lawrence of Arabia put a stop to that. The Arab kings joined the British and French to gain victory for the West in WWI. Instead of getting what they were promised, which was Greater Syria, a land mass overlaying most of what you see on TV every day, they got a big pile of politically and ethnically disjointed national boundary garbage handed to them by the British and French via Sykes-Picot, the names of the originators of the agreement. Thug rulers were installed to maintain disorder, and hate and discontent at a low level, but never rose to the point of threatening shipping routes or the flow of oil — the classic divide-and-control strategy that Mr. Obama and other Democrats have honed to a fine art.

The Islamic State is now a political diversion for the Democrats, another gift from Sykes-Picot, which just keeps on giving. Libya is now a failed state. Egypt is back to military control after Mr. Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood was unable to maintain control. Iraq is without a doubt a failed state. Syria is next, followed by Lebanon and then Jordan.

The American people have a clear choice here. They can invest the entire U.S. GDP to maintain the disaster created by the British and French a hundred years ago (Sykes-Picot) or they can start drilling for oil and gas, and be done with the whole mess. Of course, the Democrats would have to return to talking about the Obama economy and health care debacles, which they are horrified of.



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