- - Friday, August 28, 2015

(1)Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy“ (Albert Mohler)

***”The very fact that God included adultery in the “thou shall nots” of the Ten Commandments indicates its particular evil and danger. Moses did not have to provide further elaboration.”

(2)Haunted: Jehovah orders troubled reporter to avenge Charleston with race war?“ (Terry Mattingly, Get Religion)  

***For a supposedly secularized society, God and religion get woven into the top news stories on a daily basis.

(3)When Orthodox and Evangelicals Align — and What It Means for Everyone Else” (Jane Eisner, Forward)
***Not G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. And not Eastern Orthodoxy. What then? Orthodox Jews and Evangelicals.

(4) Christian Lawyer Taken Away in China Region Removing Crosses (AP)

“Zhang has been providing legal counsel for churches in Zhejiang province in their resistance to the government order, which has been criticized as unconstitutional and infringing upon the right of religious freedom. Zhang and his assistant were in a church in the city of Wenzhou on Tuesday night when they were taken away by government workers, Yang said.”

(5) Parole recommended for Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis (AP)

***Incarcerated for 43 years and 30 parole hearings, Davis became “a born-again Christian who earned a doctoral degree in philosophy of religion and ministers to other inmates.”





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