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W. Scott Lamb

W. Scott Lamb

W. Scott Lamb is an author of biographies, literary agent and Baptist preacher. A native of St. Louis (go Cardinals!), he lives on a Tennessee hill outside of Nashville with his wife and six kids. Readers may email him at

Articles by W. Scott Lamb

Carmen LaBerge and her new book, "Speak the Truth" by Regnery Faith. (Images courtesy of Carmen LaBerge and Regnery Faith)

Bringing God back into every conversation

LaBerge writes: "It's time for Christians to get back into the conversation, not so we can give people a piece of our mind but so they might have the peace of the mind of Christ." Published October 17, 2017

Mike Huckabee's new TV show launched October 7 on TBN.

Mike Huckabee heads to heartland of America

Mike Huckabee's new TV show launched this weekend on TBN. Huckabee brought a high level of energy and fulfilled his promise to both inform and entertain the audience--intermingling discussion with a tax policy expert with a segment on Pietown, Arizona. And Huckabee kickstarted the show with a lively interview he had taped with President Trump in the White House. Published October 9, 2017

(From left to right): Jerry Falwell, Jr.; cover of "Faith in the Halls of Power," by Michael Lindsay; Phyllis Schlafly. Image by Scott Lamb

Let’s return to fire-in-the-belly evangelical politics

Evangelical politicians who are "more sophisticated" to the point that their edges are dull need someone to remind them that the end game of going to Congress isn't to be a Congressman. It's to represent their constituents and to act like something more important than their re-election is at stake. Published September 11, 2017

Image used by permission Tony Carnes, editor of the website "A Journey Through NYC Religions" -- ( )

Sixty percent of Manhattan’s evangelical churches have started since 1978

In contrast to the idea that New York City -- and Manhattan in particular --is a monolithic morass of secularism and near-mothballed Mainline edifices, did you know that seven out of ten Evangelical congregations in Manhattan were started since 1950? And four out of ten were started in the decade after 9/11? Published September 6, 2017

Photograph courtesy of Brian Jump.

Missouri pastor encourages congregants to run for local office

We get angry at the world," Jump says, "where the direction is going, what Washington is telling us we have to teach our kids, all of these sorts of things." But as in the case of Jump's two deacons, "if we would win a seat on the local school board, then that board determines the superintendent, curriculum, funding and direction of the school. If every church in America would make sure the majority of the school board were members of their church, the world would be a lot better place." Published July 29, 2017

Chris Hughes (Images courtesy of Chris Hughes. Montage by Scott Lamb)

Better Christian engagement by staying in the trenches and thinking local

Chris Hughes believes Christians who look to make a real difference in the public square need to change their strategy of involvement. Too often, he says, Christians get worked up and busy just a month or two before an election--only to disappear from the trenches after the election. "Somehow, we've got to train these guys and tell these pastors that they need to be involved, but not just when they're in the spotlight," Hughes said. "They need to realize there is always another election, and not leave the process for a few more years until there's another hot issue." Published July 28, 2017

Jim Lembke, a former member of the Missouri House and Senate. (Photos courtesy of Donna Lembke, Jim Lembke's wife)

Jim Lembke and the Christian’s call to public service

Due diligence also means not blindly voting for a party. "You can't just vote for the person because they're a Democrat or Republican," Jim Lembke said. "As a Christian, I believe that we are called to be engaged in the process -- to use our minds. The Lord has blessed us with a Republic and that means it's our job to hold on to it -- as one of our Founders stated." Published July 27, 2017

Mark Riggins and the potential of a second attempt

With the next primary less than a year away, Mark Riggins looks forward to being in the thick of the race once again. And with the solid name recognition he earned in 2016 combined with a lack of an incumbent to defeat, who knows what may happen the second time around? Published July 18, 2017

(image created by W. Scott Lamb)

Reflections on Providence and July 4th, by Doug Stringer

Let us not only greet one another with a "Happy 4th" or "Independence Day, but may we have a deep gratitude and appreciation for those who sacrificed for us to have them. May we also be keenly aware of just how volatile our liberties and freedoms are. They must not be taken for granted, but stewarded with respect and a sense of responsibility -- lest we find ourselves losing the very things we have so cherished. Published July 4, 2017

Pastor Brad Atkins of First Baptist Church of Powdersville, South Carolina.

Does activity in the public square ruin a pastor’s ministry?

The way we're going to serve him is by not sitting at home when it's time to get out and be a voice and go vote. We're going to be intelligent and we're going to vote for the candidate that most closely aligns to what we've professed that we believe. And we will encourage other people to do the same. Published June 30, 2017

1990 FBI mugshot of John Gotti (image created by W. Scott Lamb).

Gotti Justice

Twenty-five years ago today in a federal courthouse in Brooklyn, former mob boss John Gotti received his sentencing for a laundry list of crimes he had committed. There's no evidence that Gotti turned to God while in prison. Published June 23, 2017

Karen Handel, newly elected Representative for Georgia's 6th District. (Associated Press photo w/illustration by W. Scott Lamb)

Chris Hughes: ‘Russia Has Nothing on Planned Parenthood’

Hughes writes: "It is time for Planned Parenthood to stop taking federal funds or get out of the business of influencing federal campaigns. If the Russians had spent over $800,000 to influence a race, we would never hear the end of it." Published June 21, 2017

‘There’s no glory. There’s just hard work — and you have to have a heart.’

In the end, Campbell says it is about being called to servant leadership. "There's no glory. There's just hard work--and you have to have a heart," Campbell said. "And humility! Like Gideon, who said, 'I'm the least of the tribe, and I'm the least of my tribe. Why are you talking to me?' That is a key component of a Christian being involved in the public square." Published June 20, 2017

Becca Keating, author and political activist.

Where pro-life, pro-family, hard-working people hang out

"Do you know where a lot of people hang out who are pro-life, pro-family, hard working, and business oriented? He asked, "Where?" I said, "At the churches. I would like to challenge your committee to reach out to the churches to have at least one time a month to register voters. You don't have to tell them 'Register Republican.' You can just lay out the party platforms." Published June 15, 2017

Steve Chealander, a Military Aide to President Ronald Reagan, shares his remembrances of the historic "Tear down this wall" day--June 12, 1987.

On anniversary of ‘Tear down this wall,’ remembering Reagan and a dad who flew the airlift

Col. Steven Chealander served as a military aide to President Reagan from 1986-88, including numerous historic trips abroad. He was in Berlin with Reagan on that historic day. But even more special for Chealander was that his own parents were in Berlin too, as special guests of the White House. You see, his father helped save the city as a pilot during the Berlin Airlift. Published June 12, 2017

"Understanding Trump" --the new book by Newt Gingrich

‘Understanding Trump’ by Newt Gingrich

Given that Mr. Gingrich is both a historian with an earned doctorate and also a former Speaker of the House, he brings a unique perspective on any topic he chooses to write on. Combining historical awareness with public policy wonkishness, his prose sounds just like he talks -- which is to say, both interesting and informative. You may disagree with his politics, but Mr. Gingrich won't bore you. Published June 9, 2017