- - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry relished making the announcement on the Iran nuclear agreement a few weeks ago. Their sense of relief and vindication was palpable as they described the details of the deal with glee to the American people. Once again, Mr. Obama calmed the heavens and stopped the oceans from rising; all was good with the world. The press nodded their heads in lock-step agreement with the triumph of the White House regarding the real Islamic State. This agreement came in the face of intense criticism of foreign policy realists who insisted Iran could not be trusted and would sooner than later develop a nuclear weapon and the missile systems to deliver them.

Now the U.N. Security Council is about to issue a report on multiple violations of U.N. sanctions by Iran, including launching missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. This issue is one of paramount importance for American national security in the coming decades. What are we hearing from the White House on this issue? Crickets … The media response has been tepid at best regarding the issue.

The Hill reports on comments by Sen. Chris Coons, “While these ballistic missile tests are outside of the parameters of the [joint comprehensive plan of action], our response has to be strategic and we have to make sure Iran knows that it can’t continue to simply blatantly disregard the international community and the U.N. Security Council.”

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) slammed “silence” from the administration and the international community in the wake of the tests. “What has happened as a result of Iran violating the U.N. Security Council resolutions as it relates to missile testing? Absolutely nothing,” he said from the Senate floor last week.

Once again the administration seems to be placing their legacy above the security of the American people. I am not surprised, but I am becoming increasingly worried about the American media not holding this president or his policies accountable. Is it because they are too invested in this leader? Is it because there is a presidential election on the horizon and they want to protect the Democratic nominee who was part architect of President Obama’s foreign policy? Or is it simply that they can’t admit to being wrong?

The media’s responsibility is to hold our leaders accountable, no matter the party or ideology. To not do so is corruption plain and simple.



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