- - Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sen. Rand Paul has responded to those who have spent the last day attacking his (and others) call to prayer for the community of San Bernardino, California.

Even before the situation was under control and the two terrorists were subdued with lethal force, Sen. Paul joined in with countless millions of people to pray for the safety of the innocent civilians and law enforcement who were responding to the scene.

The call to prayer, however, was mocked and even cursed. Apparently for some, the only proper response to an active situation of mass homicide was to begin calling for tougher gun control (though California is already a leader in such legislation).

Sen. Paul responded to the “God won’t fix this” prayer shamers on Fox News. He said:

“For people to be snide, snotty, and arrogant about the fact that they believe prayer doesn’t influence our lives, I’m offended by it, and quite frankly, shocked by that kind of attitude.”



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