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If 2014 is any indication, when the ratings for the State of the Union speech are released, they will show a new record low for Barack Obama.

No one really wants to hear Obama drone on for an hour. What is almost as bad are the many proliferations of State of the Union responses. Freshman Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst gave the Republican response. Most reviews called it flat. Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida gave the Spanish response. While Ms. Ernst did not talk about amnesty, Mr. Curbelo did call for amnesty, presumably with the approval of the Republican leadership.

Florida Rep. Curt Clawson did the Tea Party response.

No one did a Real American response to the State of the Union.

All of the responses to the State of the Union came from inside the Washington Beltway.

Real Americans have a far different take on the State of the Union.

The State of the Union is not good nor is it strong. There is a specific legal, political and economic term that accurately describes the State of the Union.

It sucks.

Ten years ago, America had a booming economy with full employment. Today, the number of Americans working is the same as it was in 1978. In the years of the Great Obama Depression, 36 years of economic growth have been wiped out.

Labor force participation is at an all-time low. Many real Americans cannot find full-time, employment. Much of this is due to the Obamacare restrictions that make it more advantageous for employers to hire part-time workers rather than full-time workers.

In October, USA Today, hardly a conservative media outlet, wrote a damning story called “7 things the middle class can’t afford anymore.”

These included:


New cars.

Paying off debt.

Emergency savings.

Retirement savings.

Medical care.

Dental care.

Ten years ago, none of these items would be considered out of the grasp of the middle class. Thanks to Obamacare, real Americans must pay thousands a month for health insurance coverage, assuming they can get it. A decade ago, this coverage would have only cost them hundreds a month. Even if they can get the coverage, the deductibles are so high, except for a major health emergency, they might as well not have health insurance.

With joblessness and the middle class under pressure, what is the primary goal both political parties have this year?


The influx of millions of illegal aliens is going to bankrupt state and local governments. Contrary to the myth politicians try to sell us, most of them will end up on welfare. Those who work will drive down the wages that are paid to real Americans.

President Obama and the left want this because they want to destroy the middle class. A strong vibrant middle class is an impediment to their goal of transforming America from a free nation to the kind of socialist hellhole they favor.

The Republicans are taking their orders from the Chamber of Commerce, which wants low-wage workers so big corporations can be more profitable. They seem to forget that without a powerful middle class, the American economy does not function.

The state of Real America sucks today.

Perhaps the only thing more tragic than the State of Real America is the fact that neither of the political parties is interested in helping Real Americans.

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