- - Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hillary Clinton’s political decolletage has remained modest even as her chief rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, lets it all hang out (“Hillary Clinton’s identity crisis confuses followers,” Web, July 16). Hillary’s apologists, water-carriers, flacks, advisers, spinners and hangers-on apparently approved revealing something more in her economic policy address, although perhaps she should have maintained the mystery.

Mrs. Clinton may not be as far left as Sens. Sanders and Warren, but she has become a fellow-traveler. The warp and woof of her political fabric will come to resemble the Sanders/Warren weave more and more as the populist presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders continues to gain traction. This is fodder for the Democratic base, for the economy remains in the doldrums with respect to dismal labor force participation numbers and wage stagnation even as federal tax revenues surge to new highs. Of course the two parties differ widely on how the economy should be managed, and it is beyond curious that Mrs. Clinton should tack so closely to the Obama failed model and the Sanders suggested one when she was up close and personal with the far more successful approach of the centrist Bill Clinton.


Cincinnati, Ohio



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