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Jeb Bush has announced his run for the presidency. He wants to be the third Bush to inherit the White House. This main talking point was that Washington is broken and he can go to Washington and fix it.

Meanwhile, only a couple of days before, Hillary Clinton relaunched her campaign.

The Hillary campaign refuses to release her medical history, won’t let journalists into her events who write anything negative and expects the media to just regurgitate her talking points. Hillary claims Washington is broken too.

Many people expect 2016 to be a battle between Bush and Clinton for the presidency. To a certain extent it doesn’t matter which one of them wins, as the result will be the same.

While there would not be that much difference in policy between a Hillary Clinton and a Jeb Bush presidency, the real similarity would be what both politicians would do.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, many of the faces she brings into her administration will be familiar. Some of them will be much older people who worked in the Clinton administration in the ‘90s. Some will be other Democratic politicos who have worked for Barack Obama or major liberal Democratic members of Congress or senators.

If Jeb Bush wins, there will be many people who served in his brother’s administration or even some who served in his father’s administration. Some of them will be prominent Republicans.

There is the problem. This might be farce, except it happens every four to eight years in Washington.

Presidential candidates of both parties run every four years claiming Washington is broken. Yet what is every candidate’s solution?

While they sometimes offer different policy solutions, every time they bring in the same people to fix the problems who caused the problems in the first place. How on Earth does anyone expect the people who created the problems to fix them? If these people are so great how did they manage to screw things up in the first place?

Would someone trust a doctor who just amputated the wrong leg to fix the other one? That is the essentially what the American people are being asked to do.

Hillary Clinton and her primary team have been fixtures in Washington since 1993. They are new arrivals compared to the Bush family, which has been in Washington since 1964.

The politicians, the Bushes and the Clintons and other Washington insiders are right: Washington is broken. Washington is the problem. But where they miss the boat is the solution.

Washington is the problem. They are the problem. They created the problems that beset real Americans.

There are solutions to our problems. But those solutions are named neither Clinton nor Bush.

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