- - Monday, June 22, 2015


Thoughts are with the victims of last week’s South Carolina church shooting. Unfortunately, the left again pushes for divisive, ineffective gun control instead of addressing the root causes of the problem.

For example, certain prescription drugs have played a role in most of these shootings. Medications have a role in treating mental disorders, but they can have significant side effects and unintended consequences from prolonged use and withdrawal, including a propensity for suicide and violent behavior. The perpetrators of the shootings in South Carolina and Colorado were using these powerful pharmaceuticals.

There are enough gun laws on the books. Police One’s survey of 15,000 law-enforcement officers show that 95 percent believe restricting magazine capacity would not reduce violent crime, and 91 percent believe that the White House’s gun control would have either no or negative impact on crime. In contrast, 58 percent of these officers believe increased punishment for “straw purchases” would reduce gun crime.

The left’s solutions may have reactive appeal to some, but they will have no societal impact, will make us less safe when we need to protect ourselves and would violate the constitutional rights of innocent, law-abiding Americans. Let’s resist divisive politics and have an open dialogue around root causes.


Layton, Utah



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