- - Monday, June 29, 2015

We lose the democratic process when courts make our biggest decisions for us.

Our Constitution provides clear limits on the powers of government. Instead, the Supreme Court uses the Constitution to reduce our ability to make our own decisions through elections.

Instead of acting only with clear Constitutional authority, the justices give themselves power over all of us by claiming they are issuing “interpretation” when in fact they make new law and decree that their edict trumps our other laws.
By ignoring public votes and duly-enacted laws, the Supreme Court has given America a new definition of marriage that ignores biology and contradicts the natural marriage of a man and a woman. We are told that centuries-old standards must fall if someone complains that their dignity is at stake. 
This is the same word game as when Bruce Jenner claims to be Caitlyn Jenner because he “feels” like a woman. We have to wonder what a woman is, if biology means nothing. Now it’s the same for marriage.
But this new “tolerance” does not permit dissent. They’re already cracking down on those, including churches, that fail to celebrate same-sex marriage. A favored tactic is to use tax laws to deny these the same tax treatment that all other nonprofits receive, thereby cutting off their income.
In addition to having funds cut off, those who stand by traditional marriage may be denied use of public property, or to receive funds from the United Way, or be licensed for schools, day care centers, etc.
Some liberals claim that no ministers will be “forced” to perform same-sex weddings. Instead, look for efforts to starve them into submission.
The consequences are endless, all because the Supreme Court went beyond enforcing the Constitution and now refuses to let the people make the laws of our land. 
Former Congressman Ernest Istook is president of Americans For Less RegulationGet the free newsletter and find more insights at www.Istook.com.

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