- - Sunday, June 7, 2015

Barack Obama supports America’s enemies.

Just say that and watch liberal heads explode in balls of gooey green jell, just like the Martians in the campy 1997 sci-fi spoof “Mars Attacks.” However, in politics just as in law, the truth is an absolute defense.

On Wednesday, The Washington Times reported on the Obama Regime’s continuing support of the Muslim Brotherhood. The document, called Presidential Study Directive 11, talks about the Regime supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as an alternative to al Qaeda.

To paraphrase the late, great Lloyd Bridges’ line from the 1980 movie “Airplane,” “Looks like they sure picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”

The Obama Regime is supporting a group whose motto is “Jihad is our way.” Didn’t America get its fill of jihad on 9/11?

Since President Obama came into office, he has done nothing but support America’s enemies. In 2009, the Green Revolution began in Iran. The Iranian people wanted to overthrow the Islamic state and begged the United States for help. Mr. Obama ignored them. Mr. Obama did turn his sights on Egypt and helped the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow an American ally, Hosni Mubarak. The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to turn Egypt into an Islamic state. Fortunately, the Egyptian military had enough and overthrew the Islamists.

Mr. Obama helped Islamist rebels overthrow Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi. Gadhafi was less than worthless, but since 2001 he had given up his weapons of mass destruction and had pretty much stayed in his own sandbox.

Mr. Obama continues to try and destroy the Assad Regime in Syria. Mr. Assad is a pretty brutal dictator, but things could be worse. If Mr. Assad falls there will be a power vacuum and guess who will fill it?


Mr. Obama’s entire foreign policy seems to be directed toward helping Islamists in general and the nation of Iran in particular.

The United Arab Emirates has declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. Yet the American affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR), has an open door to the White House with several CAIR members employed by the Obama Regime as political appointees.

While conservatives and tea party activists have not been shy about berating the Obama Regime for its support of America’s enemies, the Republicans have been totally absent. They run away from this issue faster than Democrats who are asked to pay their own bills.

Republicans fear anything that could be used against them. There is an old political adage that if you want to be in politics, get used to seeing blood. Your own blood.

Democrats know this truism and are quite happy to bloody anyone who disagrees with them. Republicans run from a fight faster than the French army. Republicans are too afraid they won’t be invited to the trendy Georgetown parties or be a part of Washington society. So, they ignore the obvious to America’s detriment.

It is beyond debate that America has a president who is cheering for and working for our enemies. We have a president who wants to see nations that hate America and an ideology of evil triumph over America as well as the Western values of freedom and liberty.

The question is when will Republicans stand up and start telling the American people the truth about Mr. Obama?

The answer is, probably never.



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