- - Monday, March 30, 2015

This is the season for despising Israel and the Jews. The terrorists of Hamas dispatch agents of evil into the country bent on mayhem and sabotage. Palestinians fire rockets at Israeli children from launchers stationed at schools, hospitals and other places where they can find protection among the children, the lame, the halt and the helpless. President Obama contributes tone and tint to the campaign, determined to reward Iran with a sweetheart deal to protect its nuclear-weapons program, which it has promised to use to wipe Israel and the Jews “off the face of the earth.” Mr. Obama, bent on revenge for censure and criticism, merely wants to wipe the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, off the face of Israel.

Two more organizations joined the pile-on last week, summoning the courage to kick an opponent when he’s on the ground. The first organization was, to no one’s surprise, the United Nations Human Rights Commission. It denounced Israel as the world’s worst violator of women’s rights (worse than Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China), and adopted a resolution condemning the Israeli state as the world’s worst violator of human rights (worse than North Korea and the usual suspects in Africa). The resolution was sponsored by Iran and adopted “by consensus” of a commission whose members are a collection of infamous rogues. Only the blind, the deaf and the terminally naive expect more from a panel at the United Nations, and there was more.

The Virginia State Bar Association canceled a long-scheduled bar seminar in Israel. The program, planned for Jerusalem in November, was scrubbed, explains Kevin Martingayle, the bar association president, because of Israel’s “unacceptable discriminatory policies and practices,” which were, as the lawyers well know, put in place to keep terrorists from killing and maiming the people who live in Israel. Mr. Martingayle says the decision was reached after a review of “State Department advisories and other research.”

He says the lawyers are bailing because Israel’s “discriminatory practices against Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian members of the Virginia Bar on the basis of race, religion and national origin effectively prevents these members from attending.” Lawyers, as everyone knows, are delicate and retiring creatures, fearful and easily brought to tears, but it’s absurd to think Israel would prevent American citizens with no connection to terrorists from attending a seminar on anything short of a tutorial on how to make bombs, and Mr. Martingayle does not suggest that his lawyers want that.

A coterie of Blackstones of indeterminate but noisy size within the bar association campaigned to scuttle the trip, demanding that the seminar be canceled, though Mr. Martingayle insists that anti-Israel or anti-Semitic sentiment had nothing to do with the decision to call everything off.

Lawyers practicing in Virginia are required to join and pay dues to the Virginia State Bar Association, which is a quasi-governmental body. This makes it incumbent on the lawyers to act more responsibly than members of a commission on human rights at the United Nations. The lawyers failed this bar exam.

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