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John M. Thorp Jr. and Clarke D. Forsythe clearly and correctly make the point that no one can truthfully say abortions are safe because there is no accurate data reported on abortion injuries and deaths (“The unhealthy state of abortion statistics,” Web, March 26). Mr. Thorp and Mr. Forsythe suggest a federal law requiring the collection of abortion statistics so this data can be analyzed and the risks to women’s health and safety can be accurately determined.

From regularly observing ambulances transporting injured women to hospitals from abortuaries, reading findings of states where inspections of abortuaries are done and reviewing the records of the malpractice committed by disreputable abortionists, pro-lifers across the United States know that inspecting abortuaries annually and purging the incompetent and disreputable ones would greatly reduce existing risks to women’s health and safety.

Sadly, abortion proponents and practitioners often successfully fight every attempt to inspect abortuaries on a regular basis. The Gosnell “House of Horrors” abortuary in Philadelphia was never inspected. The filthy premises and bodies of murdered babies were discovered during a suspected drug-abuse raid. New York, Illinois and New Mexico are among the states that don’t inspect abortuaries. Virginia, Kansas and Minnesota are a few of the states where abortion providers are fighting measures to protect women.

So often abortionists and abortuaries are protected by politicians, judges and medical boards — to the detriment of women’s health and lives. Unethical practitioners are often given a slap on the wrist for their malpractice and filthy conditions and permitted to continue endangering women’s lives.

Abortion is being practiced much the same as it was when it was illegal. The back alley has moved up front but women are in just as much danger.

Although reliable and accurate abortion data collection would eventually help women, it would be better for women’s safety to make abortion illegal.


Silver Spring

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