- - Sunday, May 3, 2015

There is a new axis of evil in the lives of real Americans.

In 2002, then President George W. Bush coined the phrase in his State of the Union speech. That axis of evil was Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The new axis of evil is not in Asia nor is it in the Middle East. It is here in America.

The new axis of evil is big government and big corporations against real Americans.

Big corporations, as exemplified by the Chamber of Commerce, are working against real Americans. The assaults by the axis of evil include the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership and Amnesty for illegal aliens. One of the worst assaults against middle class Americans is coming from something known as H1-B visas.

H1-B visas are visas that are issued to foreign workers who are skilled and are needed in America because of a shortage of that type of skilled worker. One of the aspects of H1-B that is ignored by the government and big corporations is that any worker brought in under that program must be paid the same wage real Americans are paid and they cannot take jobs from Americans.

In late October 2014, IT workers at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts were told their last day at work would be January 30, 2015. The American workers were being replaced by foreign workers brought in on H1-B visa program to replace them.

This is not the first time this has happened.

In February, Southern California Edison laid off or bought out 500 American employees and replaced them with a tech company that is one of the largest users of the H1-B visa program.

A bipartisan group of senators has demanded answers and an investigation by the Obama Regime concerning the misuse of the H1-B Visa program. This week, the Obama regime announced it would not investigate Southern Cal Edison and its decision to replace American workers with foreign replacements.

The problem is the agenda of big corporate America and big government is the same. Both want to crush the middle class. An independent middle class is a threat to both big corporations and to big government. Big corporations do not like competition, no matter how much they claim allegiance to the free market. Big government wants a subservient population dependent on the government and who will not vote out the political party promising the biggest benefits.

At one point, big business and small business were united in support of the free market in America. No longer. One of President Obama’s great successes has been to break that alliance. He certainly did not start the break between big business and real America but he has ensured the interests of Wall Street are no longer the interests of real Americans.

Jobs that pay well are the bedrock of the middle class. Unrestricted immigration, something the Chamber of Commerce and big business want will be the death knell for the American middle class.

Big government is not the only threat to the freedom, liberty and prosperity of real Americans. Big corporations are just as much of a threat.

Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Richard Durbin, who agree about very little agree on this issue. It is time for a new bipartisan populism that reigns in both big government and big corporations.

They are the axis of evil in today’s world.

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