- - Saturday, November 14, 2015

On Oct. 1, 2015, a gunman shot people at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. The next day, Barack Obama announced he would politicize the event and push for gun control.

Friday evening, as most real Americans were heading home after a long week at work, word came from Paris, France, of a horrible terrorist attack. The well-coordinated assaults resulted in 158 people being massacred in the City of Lights.

It is time to politicize the Paris attacks.

The left, which had no objection to Obama politicizing the Umpqua shootings, will scream in feigned horror at the idea of politicizing a tragedy. The truth is, politics created this tragedy and either real Americans stand up now and politicize Paris or we will see blood run in the streets of American cities.

European politicians, led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, decided they would open their borders to the so-called “Syrian refugees.” Amazingly enough, many of these refugees were not from Syria and about ninety percent were military aged males.

In Europe, first came the demand for better benefits from the “refugees.” Then German citizens were evicted from their home to make way for these “refugees.” Despite the best efforts of the European left at censorship, word is leaking out about rampant sexual assaults not only at the refugee camps but in cities where these “refugees” are being housed.

And now, as many sane people had warned, a terrorist attack has happened.

The warning is now as real as the blood in the streets of Paris.

Barack Obama wants to bring 200,000 of these so-called “refugees” to America. Tennessee Senator “Bailout” Bob Corker said he isn’t worried. After all, he believes the Obama Regime will vet the “refugees.” James Comey, the Director of the FBI told Congress that it is impossible to vet these “refugees.”

In 2009, the Tea Party movement sprang up because real Americans were worried about the Obama Regime. They feared his uncontrolled spending and his attempt to nationalize the healthcare system. It is time for real Americans to take to the streets again.

Obama’s willingness to bring in a large group of “refugees” in that will certainly include ISIS terrorists is unacceptable.

This problem goes deeper than just the immediate terrorist crisis. Even before Obama took office, there was no serious effort to stop illegal immigration at the southern border. Since Obama took over, the southern border has become a joke. Drug cartels operate with impunity and control territory up to one hundred miles north of the border. Given the number of illegal aliens who cross the border, it is all but impossible to believe this route has not been used by Islamic terrorists.

Real Americans must stand up now. Real Americans must take to the streets and demand no Syrian “refugees” be brought to America. Real Americans must demand the borders be closed immediately.

Right now, according to a recently released document, there are 1000 active ISIS investigations being conducted by the FBI right now. Where did all of these terrorists come from? The cold hard truth is with Obama’s policies, another terrorist attack on America is inevitable. If Obama gets his way and 200,000 Syrians are brought to this nation, how many terrorists will come in to this nation? How many Americans will die?

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