- - Monday, November 2, 2015

The recent piece by Dov Zakheim (“Meeting Russia’s new nuclear challenge,” Web, Oct. 29) is not just timely; it is way overdue. We were the authors of a commentary piece in The Washington Times (“MARS for defense,” Dec. 30, 2008) that advocated the need for a new concept of security we called a “measured assured response strategy” (MARS). It was in response to our recognition that nations possessing nuclear weapons would not disarm and that others would continue to seek nuclear capabilities. Our concern was that the lack of willingness of American, British and French governments to authorize funding for new nuclear warheads would lead to a less stable world.

Our concerns were ignored then, and we fear that the genuine problems expressed by Mr. Zakheim will be similarly ignored now by an administration that has been consistently out-thought and out-maneuvered by Russia. We have to hope that the Republican nominee who emerges from the pack takes notice of the need expressed by Mr. Zakheim, since we can be certain that no Democrat will take heed.




Plano, Texas

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