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Those who once called President Obama the “deporter in chief” may want to rethink the title. Deportations, including removal of criminals, “continue to plummet under Obama,” according to a new Federation for American Immigration Reform analysis that reports deportations of illegal immigrants are at the lowest levels since 2006 — down 42 percent in the past three years alone.

“In the fiscal year ending September 30, just 231,000 illegal aliens were removed from the United States. But it’s not just overall deportation numbers that are declining. The Department of Homeland Security deported fewer convicted criminals in FY 2015, just 136,700, despite the Obama administration’s prioritization on removal of criminal aliens,” the group notes.

“With virtually no chance of Congress enacting a massive illegal alien amnesty while Obama is in office, and his own executive amnesty programs stalled in the courts, the administration has simply dropped any pretense of enforcing immigration law. We know that Obama has never been the ‘deporter-in-chief,’ as has been claimed,” the report says. “On an annual basis, his administration has removed the fewest illegal aliens since the Ford administration. In previous years, the administration has inflated their deportation numbers by counting Mexicans who were caught entering the country illegally and returned as deportations — something that had not been done in the past.”


Well, of course: Republican front-runner Donald Trump will host NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Nov. 7, just three days after the third GOP presidential debate — and five weeks after Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appearance as a bartender on the late-night staple.

“His appearance comes almost exactly a year before Election Day, which will fall on November 8, 2016,” wrote NBC News political reporter Carrie Dann, who recalled the last time Mr. Trump played host on the show 11 long years ago.

“In his 2004 appearance, Trump boasted about being a ratings machine and plugged his then-new show, The Apprentice,” Ms. Dann noted, then quoted what he had to say: “After just one season, I am about to become the highest-paid television personality in America. And as everyone in this room knows, highest-paid means best.”


“Dryball Debate”

— New term coined by Rush Limbaugh to characterize Democratic presidential debates


As of Wednesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton is still in Las Vegas for one more local rally before heading to Texas to court Latino voters. Meanwhile, none other than former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will campaign for Mrs. Clinton on Wednesday in three Iowa cities. Ms. Albright, 78, has her talking points poised, ready to talk about her successor’s “fight for women and families at home and around the world,” gender equality, women’s economic empowerment and other issues, according to the Clinton campaign.

It has been a high-profile week for Ms. Albright, who made a cameo appearance Sunday on the CBS prime-time drama “Madam Secretary,” advising her fictional counterpart, Elizabeth McCord — played by Tea Leoni — “If you’re going to go down, then you’ve got to fight hard, and you’ve got to hit them where it hurts.”


OK, Planned Parenthood has announced it would no longer accept money in exchange for body parts of aborted children. And?

“Planned Parenthood kills an unborn baby every 97 seconds. A series of undercover videos has put the organization’s callous disregard for human life on display for every American to see. The announcement does absolutely nothing to change that. Taxpayers should not have their hard-earned dollars funneled to this morally bankrupt organization,” says Michael A. Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, deems the announcement a “smokescreen,” and agrees it has little impact.

“Those horrors are unchanged, and the congressional and state investigations into Planned Parenthood’s gruesome practices should not stop. We are encouraged by the commitments from the House and Senate leaders to use reconciliation to stop taxpayer funding of this abortion business. Those funds would be put to better use at comprehensive health care clinics that provide true women’s health care and do not provide abortion on-demand,” Ms. Dannenfelser notes.


FreedomWorks is not happy over the news that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has formed a task force to examine changes to filibuster rules — in an effort to rid the Republican Party of a do-nothing reputation, or words to that effect.

“Nearly two years ago, Harry Reid and Democrats gutted the filibuster for executive branch appointments, excluding Supreme Court picks, in order to push through President Obama’s nominees on a simple majority vote. FreedomWorks opposed curtailing the filibuster then, just as we do now,” says Josh Withrow, legislative affairs manager for the grass-roots organization.

“The Senate is supposed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, but any weakening of the filibuster will lead us further down a slippery slope where reactionary policies are rammed through the chamber without any serious debate,” he continues. “Simply put, the Senate is the last check on impulsiveness and majority rule.”


90 percent of U.S. office workers say they “experience conflict” with other departments in their workplace.

87 percent say their boss “listens to them.”

82 percent of office workers check their work email before or after business hours.

81 percent say that they, personally, are “among the most productive in their office.”

57 percent say “wasteful meetings” is the top factor that gets in the way of their work.

40 percent cite excessive emails, 37 percent unexpected phone calls.

Source: A Workfront/Harris poll of 617 employed U.S. adults who work at companies with 500 or more employees, conducted July 6-24 and released Tuesday.

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