- - Friday, September 11, 2015

Fourteen years after Sept. 11, 2001, the scars have not faded but the reality of 9/11 has faded. America elected a president who advocated retreat, who cheered America’s Islamic enemies, who pandered to them and did everything possible to enable Islamic terrorism.

On the eve of the 14th anniversary of 9/11, Barack Obama and the Party of Treason made it possible for the United States to fund the world’s premiere sponsor of international terrorism, Iran.

Now Europe, which stood with America after 9/11, and America are opening the door to not only the next 9/11 but multiple 9/11 attacks. Europe is opening its borders to any so-called refugee that reaches its shores. Amazingly enough, 75 percent of the so-called “refugees” that are coming through are young men.

Secretary of State John Kerry whined that America was not taking enough refugees so now the United States is going to welcome in 10,000 Syrian refugees. What could possibly go wrong?

Every one of these so-called “refugees” is going to be Muslim. Syrian Christians have long complained that the United States will not accept them.

In Europe, the Muslim refugees are rampaging. In Hungary, as police and military members gave the refugees water and food, the refugees scream screw you,” and “Allah akbar” while they threw away the food and water. How many jihadist candidates are among that bunch? Barack Obama wants to welcome the same people into America. How many Mohammad Atta’s or Dzhokhar Tzarnaev’s does he want to bring into America?

Liberals demand we bring in refugees because of America’s history of charity. America has been a charitable nation. But charity is not a suicide pact. Charity does not mean we have to bring refugees here to America.

If the left wants to talk about charity, let’s start at home. All of those refugees brought into America will almost immediately be eligible for work permits. They will be competing with Americans for jobs. According to the most recent government statistics, 94 million Americans are out of the work force. Labor force participation rates are at a new low and the size of the labor force is now the same size it was in 1977.

Even worse, 75 percent of the households on welfare in America are immigrant households. America is broke. The nation is borrowing money as fast as it can and where is this money going? It is going to pay for welfare for those who came to America just to get welfare!

When is a political party and a serious presidential candidate going to come out with a Put Americans First strategy? Welcoming in a large number of potential terrorists does not put Americans first. Welcoming in a large number of refugees, who will now compete in the job market with Americans for jobs, does not put Americans first. Welcoming in a large number of refugees, many of whom will use welfare and other benefits, does not put Americans first.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are not taking any of these refugees. Saudi Arabia has offered to build them mosques in Germany though. Here is a better idea. American wealth and American blood as been spent to keep them safe. It is time they start paying it back. Instead of sending us the so-called “refugees,” instead America and Europe should tell the Saudis and the Gulf States, they are taking them. Not only that, but that they are paying for them as well.

It is time we put America and Americans first. Bringing thousands of jihadists to America doesn’t do that.

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