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“Not Meant for the Dark”

Peerless Entertainment Group

A unique pastiche of styles and influences, Clockwork out of St. Louis shakes the tree of music to see what falls through their own interpretations. The trio starts off “Not Meant for the Dark” with “All Right,” getting the party started. A few lackluster tracks ensue, but “We Stood Tall” and “To the Top” bring the energy back up to rock level. “Flaming June” is an introspective, harmonics-infused item, while “Sould to Save” pushes the listener into gentle reverie. One of the most unique tracks is the ska-influenced “It’s What You Do.” “Happy and I Know It” and “We Know It’s Rough” provide more tranquil counterpoint to some of the disc’s heavier — and less interesting — cuts. After those two fine songs, the album inexplicably ends with a hip-hop number called “Untitled” — a rather strange close to the disc.

The album overall is somewhat uneven, but when Clockwork switches gears to more introspective and reflective and less bombastic, “Not Meant for the Dark” truly shines. This trio is one to watch and keep on the radar moving forward.



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