- - Sunday, September 20, 2015


Both presidential contender Bernie Sanders and President Obama were busy trying to exploit Christianity last week. “Uncle Bernie” was busy pushing collective salvation on university students — without reminding them, of course, of that South American innovation in religion or its current results in Venezuela. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama was trying to sell amnesty and ‘anchor babies’ with an appeal to Christian charity. Both men have perfected the art of selling Marxism as a Sunday school lesson, which requires a bit of cynicism since Karl Marx and his communist successors were atheists.

The first step in the necessary suspension of disbelief is for their targets to forget that Jesus taught personal salvation and never advocated that his followers show benevolence by redistributing other people’s money. Having suspended that disbelief, it becomes easier to buy the idea that electing a government which acts that way is Christian — even after Mr. Obama assured the world that our government is not Christian.

Ironically, the real purpose of both men’s appeals to Christian morality in accordance with Marx is to justify big-government control sufficient to eliminate Marx’s principle targets: capitalism and religion. “Collective salvation,” the warped Christianity that Mr. Obama learned from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, polished the pitch. Marx explained how this path was through government control of capital. Mr. Obama has made great strides in that direction with the help of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Harry Reid. Decades of Marxist professors set up an opening for Mr. Sanders to make an open run for control as a socialist.

The college students Mr. Sanders targeted last week reached their university on the wave of wealth created by capitalism, but few understand how the ‘redistribution’ of that capital away from free enterprise kills that wealth-creation process. That’s remarkable, since China’s success has been on full display after its re-launch of a (partially) free-enterprise emerging from communism. Even Greece should have offered those students a contemporary display of the consequences of socialism: an entitlement mentality expecting capitalist neighbors to bail them out.



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