- - Monday, September 21, 2015


The current influx of “refugees” streaming into Europe is surely tragic, although whether these individuals are fleeing the war in Syria or the economic situations in many Middle Eastern countries is debatable. In fact, German officials now acknowledge they can not verify where many, if not most, of these people have come from.

With that in mind, we also now see Russia moving troops and equipment into Syria, ostensibly to fight the Islamic State. Russian President Vladimir Putin is very wily, and when he sees an opening, whether economic, diplomatic or military, he seizes the moment. Could it be that Mr. Putin sees the wave of refugees into Western Europe as a strain on the economies of countries such as Germany and a likley source of resentment among citizens of those countries taking in the refugees, not to mention a large pool of possible terrorists?

By reinforcing the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad with no response from the Obama administration, short of pleading with Mr. Putin to stop, Mr. Putin will ensure a continuation of the refugee flow, further destabilizing and bankrupting Western Europe. This in turn will create animosity toward Eastern European nations such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, which have refused to take in these refugees. Tragic as it may be, Mr. Putin has proven once again he is a master tactician. Meanwhile, our president golfs.


Falls Church

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